dig2go – Mini USB-C Addressable LED controller

Small enough to fit in your pocket!

ESP32 based

Based on the powerful dual-core 240Mhz ESP32 micro-controller which can generate lots of effects in real-time and even dance to your music!


Comes with WLED pre-installed and pre-configured out of the box! Plug everything in and you’ll be greeted with a pleasant orange glow of your LEDs!

USB-C Powered

Very easy to run, works great with most USB-(A or C) power supplies and power banks!

Already have a dig2go? You can find the getting started page here!


Tiny box, big features!

5v – 15 watt

Although the dig2go is tiny it can handle up to 15 watts of power, much more then most USB controllers

Custom case

Self developed and manufactured sturdy plastic case

Dances to the music

Built-in digital microphone for sound-reactive LED effects!

Ideal for battery powered applications

When the LEDs are switched off, power is automatically cut to the LEDs for low idle power usage.

DIY friendly

Pin headers are available to program for custom features such as buttons, sensors, I²C, etc.

Built-in WiFi and IR Remote control

Connects to your WiFi network or works standalone (WiFi AP mode)! Can also be used with a little IR remote.

Want to know the technical specifications?

For all the technical specifications please visit the here!

About QuinLED

Started in 2016 designing LED controllers

Our Websites

Intermittent Technology

The parent brand of everything and YouTube channel + Blog about Home Automation related content


Dedicated website to analog and digital LED setups including (DIY) controllers, information articles and videos!

Our Partners

Allnet China

The parent brand of everything and YouTube channel + Blog about Home Automation related content


As exclusive US distribution partner handles most of US sales and is also a project and promotion partner!

Who We Are

The QuinLED line of products are designed by Quindor and are targeted towards areas where he felt better designed hardware could improve ease our lives!

Our Vision

Flexible design, simple to use LED lighting solutions in both DIY form and ready to go out of the box, for beginner and enthusiast alike!

Our Mission

Deliver a good experience for the end user. If you don’t want to spend hours fiddling with wires or making everything work the dig2go is the ideal module to get you quickly to your end goal, blinking LED Lights!


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    Popular Questions

    Once you have your dig2go you might have some questions on how to use it, below are the most frequent questions we get! Click each item to open it up to see the answer!

    Where Can I Find More Information?

    This dedicated website focusses on the more easy to use information in it’s articles. If you’d like to get down to the technical information please visit the quinled.info web pages for the dig2go!

    Where can I re-install the software it came with?

    Please visit install.quinled.info and select the dig2go it will re-load the bundled version over USB from your computer and reset the device to defaults. Don’t forget to add it to your WiFi again after that!

    Is there someone who can help me?

    Join the Intermittent Technology Discord server, there you will find a #quinled-troubleshooting channel and we’ll try and get you up and running!

    For more troubleshooting

    For more troubleshooting steps please visit the getting started page!